We’ll always have Jason King, but it’s farewell to Peter Wyngarde

If you’re looking for a style icon for early 1970s British manhood, chances are that the name Jason King will pop up. The character appeared in two TV series each with only a single season, and yet despite being outrageously camp, the slightly world-weary figure of Jason came to sum up the suave over-dressed cologne-drenched cool of the time in a way only rivalled by James Bond.

The irony is that Peter Wyngarde, who played him – and arguably was cursed by the role – was certainly bisexual, though he never came out publicly.. Continue reading “We’ll always have Jason King, but it’s farewell to Peter Wyngarde”

Berlin:- THEY – An Exhibition About Queer Identity đź—“


An exhibition about queer identity with the artists:
Amit Elan
Goodyn Green
Iwajla Klinke
Sadie Lee
Camilla Storgaard
Sergio Zevallos

“Only dead fish follow the stream”. This is agreed, but following the stream would certainly be a relief for those who are still forced to swim against the tide. The current drags those who have neither the need nor the necessity to resist. It is a privilege. There are also those who go with it against their will, concealing their differences so as not to be subjected to the judgment of others who, claiming righteousness, condemn them. Hiding, they suppress themselves and miss out on their own existence. Life becomes a knife whose handle is also a blade.

Then there are others, obviously courageous, who disclose themselves regardless. With the risk of being taunted, insulted or rebuffed, they lay themselves bare, knowing that the land can be shared. Continue reading “Berlin:- THEY – An Exhibition About Queer Identity đź—“”

Chile:- Supreme Court Says No To Anti-LGBTQI Discrimination

Alejandra González was the first openly-trans* candidate ever elected to public office in Chile, becoming a councillor in her home district of Lampa. A big step forward.

Sadly, the Mayor, Graciela OrtĂşzar, didn’t see it that way, and in a blatantly transphobic way insisted on using Alejandra’s former name and male pronouns and questioning her gender identity in council meetings. Continue reading “Chile:- Supreme Court Says No To Anti-LGBTQI Discrimination”

Bryson Rand: The Floating Bridge đź—“

Time-limited online exhibitions seem to be a “thing” now, and New York photographer Bryson Rand has one, The Floating Bridge (NSFW) available until late February 2018, featuring photographs taken between 2014 and 2016. The exhibition takes its title from the book Chasing Horses by Yukio Mishima, from a passage where a man is about to die and recites a poem about crossing from the living world into heaven by a floating bridge.

This photograph, Paul (Brooklyn), is from 2015

The images reflect on the history of gay people and its weight in constructing a queer identity.

The photographs portray queer spaces such as nightclubs and gatherings in private apartments in New York City and Los Angeles.

“Just the act of making these pictures and showing something that tends to be ignored or hidden is a powerful political statement”

USA:- Entire White House HIV/AIDS Council Fired Without Warning

At this point, we’re tempted to ask how long it will be before The Handmaid’s Tale ceases to be a work of fiction.

Without Warning Trump Fires Entire White House HIV/AIDS Council, Scrubs Names From Website Overnight

All sixteen members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) have been fired without warning or explanation, and overnight the White House website, HIV.gov, has been scrubbed of their names.

Source: New Civil Rights Movement