Berlin:- THEY – An Exhibition About Queer Identity 🗓


An exhibition about queer identity with the artists:
Amit Elan
Goodyn Green
Iwajla Klinke
Sadie Lee
Camilla Storgaard
Sergio Zevallos

“Only dead fish follow the stream”. This is agreed, but following the stream would certainly be a relief for those who are still forced to swim against the tide. The current drags those who have neither the need nor the necessity to resist. It is a privilege. There are also those who go with it against their will, concealing their differences so as not to be subjected to the judgment of others who, claiming righteousness, condemn them. Hiding, they suppress themselves and miss out on their own existence. Life becomes a knife whose handle is also a blade.

Then there are others, obviously courageous, who disclose themselves regardless. With the risk of being taunted, insulted or rebuffed, they lay themselves bare, knowing that the land can be shared.

The artworks in this exhibition will pose aesthetic questions to savvy or uninformed spectators; they may encourage those who are hiding to unveil themselves; they will make it clear that it is not about provocation but about the evidence that the norm is perpetually being defined, and that all differences are necessary for life to coincide with its own name.

Galerie aKonzept
Schröderstraße 7
10115 Berlin
t. + 49 (0)3022452703

Opening hours
Wednesday to Friday 3pm-6pm
Saturday 2pm-7pm

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