Jennifer Holliday won’t sing for Trump

“And I am telling you…I’m not singing” is the clear message coming belatedly from Broadway legend and gay icon Jennifer Holliday (see more at NPR), as she pulled out of performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration following a big backlash from her fanbase on social media, saying her original agreement to take the gig was “a lapse of judgement”.

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RIP George Michael, LGBT Rights Champion

Alongside his legacy as a musician and composer, George Michael will be remembered for his unapologetic stance as an openly gay man, and for his support of LGBT and HIV/AIDS causes.

As  this report from The Guardian reminds us, he came out in 1998 after being arrested by an undercover police office in the US. He was accused of engaging in “a lewd act”, and refused to treat the incident as a source of shame.

Kerstin Ott – Not Your Average German Pop Star

Kerstin Ott – who appears as the photographer in the video – isn’t your stereotypical German pop star, freely admitting she’s pretty much the opposite of artists like Helene Fischer; but her song Die Immer Lacht (which she wrote 12 years ago) has been one of the biggest hits so far this year in Germany and Austria, and the video has quickly gathered more than 50 million viewers.

Kerstin, who’s in her early 30s and has been out since she was 17, did a post-school apprenticeship as a painter and decorator, but her new-found success means she’s now a full-time musician. Her follow-up single, released this month, hit the iTunes Top Ten within 24 hours…

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America’s Got Gay Talent – Brian Justin Crum

Openly-gay Brian Justin Crum has reached the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent 2016, with polished performances of the usual mix of hits aimed at wowing a mainstream audience. He has a solid musical theatre background, so is well above karaoke standard. Although he’s filmed in the intro as though he’s the sweet and swarthy cub about to turn up at the apartment of a hot daddy in a gay porn movie (some will like this…a lot), what’s laudable is that it doesn’t dodge his sexuality and personal challenges he faced growing up. If he doesn’t win, he’ll doubtless pop up at Pride Events in 2017.