Transwomen “Can’t Be Real Women” Says BBC Radio Star


Jenni Murray, one of the UK’s best-known radio broadcasters  and long-term presenter of the iconic BBC series Woman’s Hour, has caused a storm by suggesting that transwomen can’t be “real women”. Writing in The Sunday Times, she said “it takes more than a sex change and make-up” to “lay claim to womanhood”. Continue reading “Transwomen “Can’t Be Real Women” Says BBC Radio Star”

Mr Gay Syria – Gay Syrian Refugees Compete For Visibility

A secret contest among the gay Syrians sheltering in Turkey, with the aim of sending a Mr Gay Syria to the Mr Gay World Contest is the centre of this documentary by Ayse Toprak, who’s better known as a reporter on Al Jazeera.  But the real aim of this film is to tell the story of some of the LGBT refugees who have fled the horrors of the Syrian regime and civil war to a less-than-welcoming Turkey, hoping to find a better future in Europe. Continue reading “Mr Gay Syria – Gay Syrian Refugees Compete For Visibility”

Germany’s Defence Minister Defends LGBT Troops

“When someone feels they can’t come out and suppresses their feelings, they are afraid, and fear paralyses you…They cannot give their best. And we cannot afford that.”

Given her…er…somewhat right wing reputation, some will find it hard to believe that Germany’s Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen actually said this earlier this week at a conference about Diversity and LGBT issues in the military.  She’s a member of Angela Merkel’s party, the CDU, which – while supporting civil partnerships – has so far refused to allow same-sex marriage in Germany. Continue reading “Germany’s Defence Minister Defends LGBT Troops”