NOM- They Have Evolved And They Have A Plan

Unsurprisingly, the National Organisation For Marriage are cock-a-hoop at the election of Donald Trump.

This is a bright and exciting time for NOM, and we are committed to taking full advantage of the opportunity we have. Our voice and our views matter to the incoming administration, and that means your voice and views matter.

And as you might expect, they’re determined to reverse the US Supreme Court decision in favour of same-sex marriage and to end “dangerous” Presidential gender identity directives. It’s tempting to yawn, but protecting our hard-won rights and freedoms is going to occupy us and require a lot of energy over the next couple of years, don’t you agree?


Kerstin Ott – Not Your Average German Pop Star

Kerstin Ott – who appears as the photographer in the video – isn’t your stereotypical German pop star, freely admitting she’s pretty much the opposite of artists like Helene Fischer; but her song Die Immer Lacht (which she wrote 12 years ago) has been one of the biggest hits so far this year in Germany and Austria, and the video has quickly gathered more than 50 million viewers.

Kerstin, who’s in her early 30s and has been out since she was 17, did a post-school apprenticeship as a painter and decorator, but her new-found success means she’s now a full-time musician. Her follow-up single, released this month, hit the iTunes Top Ten within 24 hours…

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America’s Got Gay Talent – Brian Justin Crum

Openly-gay Brian Justin Crum has reached the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent 2016, with polished performances of the usual mix of hits aimed at wowing a mainstream audience. He has a solid musical theatre background, so is well above karaoke standard. Although he’s filmed in the intro as though he’s the sweet and swarthy cub about to turn up at the apartment of a hot daddy in a gay porn movie (some will like this…a lot), what’s laudable is that it doesn’t dodge his sexuality and personal challenges he faced growing up. If he doesn’t win, he’ll doubtless pop up at Pride Events in 2017.

“Why I Am A Homophobic Homosexual”

Not me, him. This from an opinion piece by Gary Keely, one of the gay twins who own cafes in London which serve breakfast cereal at hipster-friendly prices. Of course, it’s designed to provoke comment, but also shows how little has changed since the days before smartphones when old queers like me in search of a date had to stand around in smoky bars wearing flared trousers and platform shoes, clutching a slowly-warming half of lager. Internalised homophobia and general prudery still lurks beneath the glossy veneer of our happy new world of same-sex wedding planners and gender expansiveness. So, once again, here’s a link to the only pamphlet you need to read, sadly still as relevant today as it was in 1974 (wtf!!!), With Downcast Gays, written by Andrew Hodges and David Hutter.

“Why I am a homophobic homosexual”

…I was watching a film with my boyfriend a few weeks ago, and in it, there was a story line that featured a gay guy. In one scene he had met and fell for another guy, and like the start of all love stories there was the inevitable kiss, when it happened my boyfriend and I simultaneously let out a screech, “eeeeeeuuuuggghhhh – two men kissing? Gross!” (Source: Gay Times)