Laverne Cox voices the story of the fight for transgender rights

In a rather stylish video voiced by Laverne Cox, the ACLU and TIME have teamed up to present an animated history of the ongoing fight for transgender rights in the USA.  It’s released at a time when President Trump has announced his ban on transgender people serving in the military and trans rights are facing new threats from state legislatures. Continue reading “Laverne Cox voices the story of the fight for transgender rights”

Hugs And Freedom For Chelsea Manning

Celebrities such as Michael Stipe, Sean Ono Lennon and and well-wishers across the globe have been celebrating the news of Chelsea Manning’s forthcoming release on social media using the hashtag #HUGSFORCHELSEA.

Chelsea’s 35 year sentence for releasing classified and sensitive information to Wikileaks and the way the authorities dealt with her transition had been widely criticised. Continue reading “Hugs And Freedom For Chelsea Manning”