Berlin:- THEY – An Exhibition About Queer Identity đź—“


An exhibition about queer identity with the artists:
Amit Elan
Goodyn Green
Iwajla Klinke
Sadie Lee
Camilla Storgaard
Sergio Zevallos

“Only dead fish follow the stream”. This is agreed, but following the stream would certainly be a relief for those who are still forced to swim against the tide. The current drags those who have neither the need nor the necessity to resist. It is a privilege. There are also those who go with it against their will, concealing their differences so as not to be subjected to the judgment of others who, claiming righteousness, condemn them. Hiding, they suppress themselves and miss out on their own existence. Life becomes a knife whose handle is also a blade.

Then there are others, obviously courageous, who disclose themselves regardless. With the risk of being taunted, insulted or rebuffed, they lay themselves bare, knowing that the land can be shared. Continue reading “Berlin:- THEY – An Exhibition About Queer Identity đź—“”

USA: – Catholic Bishops Trash The Trans Community and Gay Marriage…Again


“The movement today to enforce the false idea—that a man can be or become a woman or vice versa—is deeply troubling.”

Yeah, right. If you’re the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, that is. They’ve issued an open letter which expresses particular concern about trans kids. It’s a rather confused document, which denies the experience of thousands of people who have successfully transitioned.

Children especially are harmed when they are told that they can “change” their sex or, further, given hormones that will affect their development and possibly render them infertile as adults.

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Marriage and the Language of Visibility

A year ago, this utility company advertising poster on a wall in a Berlin U-Bahn station might have been considered “provocative” and pushing a progressive social agenda. Now, it’s showcasing the new normal, as marriage in Germany is no longer defined by gender, and so it follows, neither are families. Fighting bigots for the right to same-sex marriage was about our being able to pitch our wedding reception tent on the enemy’s lawn, and with the law in place…well, now it’s our lawn too. Continue reading “Marriage and the Language of Visibility”

In Other Queer News…

Gender-fluid writer and blogger Jack Monroe has won a libel action in the UK against right-wing newspaper columnist and media “personality” Katie Hopkins, who had falsely accused Jack of vandalism on Twitter. The libel award of ÂŁ24,000 is only the start for Katie, who reportedly will also have to pay legal costs of around £300,000.

There have been tributes galore to TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, now -amazingly – 20 years old and still deeply loved. Tom Rasmussen wrote movingly in The Independent about how Buffy taught him “how to be gay”.


Christian bakers, Melissa and Aaron Klein, fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, have taken their case to the Oregon Appeals Court. They’ll have to wait a while for a verdict, but some are hoping that the arrival of the Trump regime might help their case. Last year, another couple of bakers in Northern Ireland lost their appeal over a “Support Gay Marriage” cake.

Joseph Nicolosi, a psychologist who co-founded the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality in 1992, and claimed to be able to “cure” homosexuality through so-called – and now totally discredited – “reparative therapy”, has died at the age of 70.

Oscar Wilde Finally Avenged

It’s been a long time coming, but now around 65,000 gay and bisexual men in England and Wales convicted of long-abolished sexual offences are being pardoned.

For most, the news comes too late, as some 40,000 of these men are already dead,  including the playwright, novelist and poet Oscar Wilde, imprisoned in 1895 for sodomy and gross indecency.  The change in the law has been frequently been dubbed the Turing Law as it follows the 2013 pardoning of World War Two code-breaker Alan Turing, who was convicted of gross indecency in 1952 and underwent experimental chemical castration.

Not all survivors are happy about being pardoned, arguing that this implies they did something wrong to start with…