83% of Germans say yes to gay marriage

The vast majority of people in Germany are in favour of same-sex marriage, and the coalition government led by Angela Merkel (who’s against it) is out of step with public opinion.

The latest official survey by the government’s own Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency shows that 83% of the population think gay and lesbian couples deserve marriage equality.  That’s an 18% increase compared to a decade ago. 75% of Germans now support full adoption rights for same-sex couples. Continue reading “83% of Germans say yes to gay marriage”

Americans “Too Timid” In Confronting Hate

Late in the evening on Christmas day, Stephanie Pazmino slashed a black, transgender man after he offered her a subway seat. “I don’t want to sit next to black people,”

Sabine Heinlein, in a powerful article for The Daily Beast, argues that Americans have become too timid when it comes to confronting hate (reported incidents hace increased significantly since the election of Donald Trump).

“In Germany, we were taught over and over again that Hitler came to power because ordinary people were afraid to stand up and speak out. Americans could stand to learn that lesson now.”

Gay British Paralympian Honoured By Queen

Gay paralympian Lee Pearson becomes Sir Lee Pearson in the UK’s New Year’s Honours List. He gets his knighthood after winning 30 gold medals at European, World and Paralympic level in the dressage event.

Aside from being a great sports competitor, Lee has used his celebrity to champion LGBT rights, going so far as to say he was prepared to go to prison for being openly gay at the Sochi Winter Olympics. More at Pink News

“Why I Am A Homophobic Homosexual”

Not me, him. This from an opinion piece by Gary Keely, one of the gay twins who own cafes in London which serve breakfast cereal at hipster-friendly prices. Of course, it’s designed to provoke comment, but also shows how little has changed since the days before smartphones when old queers like me in search of a date had to stand around in smoky bars wearing flared trousers and platform shoes, clutching a slowly-warming half of lager. Internalised homophobia and general prudery still lurks beneath the glossy veneer of our happy new world of same-sex wedding planners and gender expansiveness. So, once again, here’s a link to the only pamphlet you need to read, sadly still as relevant today as it was in 1974 (wtf!!!), With Downcast Gays, written by Andrew Hodges and David Hutter.

“Why I am a homophobic homosexual”

…I was watching a film with my boyfriend a few weeks ago, and in it, there was a story line that featured a gay guy. In one scene he had met and fell for another guy, and like the start of all love stories there was the inevitable kiss, when it happened my boyfriend and I simultaneously let out a screech, “eeeeeeuuuuggghhhh – two men kissing? Gross!” (Source: Gay Times)