Bryson Rand: The Floating Bridge ūüóď

Time-limited online exhibitions seem to be a “thing” now, and New York photographer Bryson Rand has one,¬†The Floating Bridge¬†(NSFW)¬†available until late February 2018, featuring photographs taken between 2014 and 2016. The exhibition takes its title from the book¬†Chasing Horses¬†by¬†Yukio Mishima, from a passage where a man is about to die and recites a poem about crossing from the living world into heaven by a floating bridge.

This photograph, Paul (Brooklyn), is from 2015

The images reflect on the history of gay people and its weight in constructing a queer identity.

The photographs portray queer spaces such as nightclubs and gatherings in private apartments in New York City and Los Angeles.

“Just the act of making these pictures and showing something that tends to be ignored or hidden is a powerful political statement‚ÄĚ