Transwomen “Can’t Be Real Women” Says BBC Radio Star


Jenni Murray, one of the UK’s best-known radio broadcasters  and long-term presenter of the iconic BBC series Woman’s Hour, has caused a storm by suggesting that transwomen can’t be “real women”. Writing in The Sunday Times, she said “it takes more than a sex change and make-up” to “lay claim to womanhood”. Continue reading “Transwomen “Can’t Be Real Women” Says BBC Radio Star”

Gay British Paralympian Honoured By Queen

Gay paralympian Lee Pearson becomes Sir Lee Pearson in the UK’s New Year’s Honours List. He gets his knighthood after winning 30 gold medals at European, World and Paralympic level in the dressage event.

Aside from being a great sports competitor, Lee has used his celebrity to champion LGBT rights, going so far as to say he was prepared to go to prison for being openly gay at the Sochi Winter Olympics. More at Pink News