Spain’s Top Pornstar Defends His Transgender Child

Nacho Vidal is Spain’s most famous pornstar, not only because of his…er…skillset, but also because he’s articulate and media-friendly.

This week, he’s been hitting the headlines – as here, in La Vanguardia – after appearing on Spain’s most notorious chatshow, Salvame Deluxe, and talking about his 9 year-old daughter Violeta, who at birth was named after her dad, but soon made clear that she was a girl and not a boy.  He fully accepts her transition, and talked about the difficulties he’s had with things like legally changing her name.

“She’s a very mature little girl, but has responsiblities and a struggle that a 9 year-old ought not to have”

Nacho agreed to the interview to raise money for Chrysallis, an association which provides support to families with trans kids. He’s also fronting their fundraising campaign, No Hay Huevos (No Balls), which has an innovative approach to raising money.

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