LGBT Rights Have No Place On Trump’s White House Web Site

Within minutes of President Donald Trump taking office, all references to LGBT rights were deleted from the White House web site.

Techcrunch was quick to pick up the change and posted screenshots (see above), as did other tech sites. Of course, it’s normal that the Obama administration’s content would be archived, but commentators seemed convinced that the small range of issues now featured is an indication of the attitude of Team Trump to not just LGBT rights, but also  to women’s issues, broader civil rights and climate change, all of which are now absent from the new web site.

As Pink News reports,

The new President has never released a policy plan on LGBT issues, and also has no policy plan on HIV/AIDS. He failed to detail policies on either issue during his election campaign.

One of the new President’s only direct policy pledges it to sign the Republican-backed First Amendment Defence Act, a law that would permit forms of anti-LGBT discrimination on the grounds of religion.

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