Hungarian Mayor Bans Gays From Holding Hands In Public

If you’re a gay or lesbian couple planning a holiday in rural Hungary, it’s probably not a good idea to choose the village of Asotthalom, which is a couple of hours away from Budapest.

Mayor Laszlo Toroczka – who’s vice-president of the country’s far-right and homophobic Jobbik party – has introduced local laws which ban the “propagation of gay marriage” and public displays of affection by gay people. And we’re not alone in being targeted; he’s also banned the Muslin call to prayer, the wearing of Islamic dress and the building of mosques in the village. The mayor’s by-laws are currently being reviewed by the deeply conservative Hungarian government.

At a national level Jobbik  has already tried and failed to introduce a law which would have meant jail for anyone who “popularizes their sexual relations—deviancy—with another person of the same sex, or other disturbances of sexual behaviour, before the wider public”, and this is an attempt to do something similar on a local level.

You’ll be glad to hear that not all residents support his stance, and along with the charming Laszlo,  locals have been talking to a reporter from the BBC about life in the village.

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