France:- LGBTQ Activist Kidnapped And Raped in Marseille

One of the founders of SHAMS – France is in hospital recovering after a violent and traumatic attack.

According to the organisation (which supports LGBTQ immigrants from Tunisia and other North African countries), Zak Ostmane was held prisoner for 48 hours by two individuals and repeatedly raped.

Zak, who’s Algerian and openly gay, is a well-known activist and a journalist who writes for the French edition of The Huffington Post.

According to French news site 20 Minutes, two suspects have been detained and are in police custody. They’re reportedly members of the French Foreign Legion (one of them a deserter), who met Zak in a bar and invited him back to a hotel room where they tied him up and assaulted him.

Thus far, police do not seem to be treating the attack as a hate crime.

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