South Africa:- Actor Speaks Out About Soap Opera Gay Kiss

It wasn’t the first gay kiss on a South African TV soap opera, but when Logan and Divan locked lips in a restaurant and put aside their plans to divorce, it still caused a stir on social media, with the usual mix of praise and homophobia.

7deLaan has been running for 17 years, and this was a first for the popular SABC drama series. Actor Simon Tuit (on the left) later wrote movingly about the impact of the scene on his Facebook page.

It’s a very heartwarming thing to see so many people coming together and actively speaking out against homophobia, judgement and (frankly) plain cruelty and hate towards other human beings. One small scene ended up causing such a stir and brought people from all over the country together with such camaraderie and it proved that even in “conservative” South Africa – love and acceptance won the day. Many people expressed that 7de Laan was very late to the party with the whole “gay couple” thing – but judging from the debate it sparked, it shows that even today (after a few other tv shows have touched on the topic of same-sex relationships) we need to continue speaking about it and showing it, since so many people are still ignorant about the issue.

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