USA:- Wisconsin Is “Detransitioning” State Employees

For those of us who haven’t faced them, the indignities of wrestling with healthcare systems if you’re transgender are shocking when you hear about them.

Dr Cary Gabriel Costello, who’s a Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, and who transitioned over a decade ago, says he and his wife are effectively being “detransitioned” by the State because of new employee benefit rules.

Republican-governed Wisconsin is reversing Obamacare provisions which – at last – meant insurance coverage for transition-related care for state employees; but that’s only where the story starts.The state’s Employee Trust Fund (ETF) handles not only health insurance but all benefits, like disability, retirement plans and so forth; as result of the change it’s now requiring staff who have already transitioned now provide duplicate, additional and expensive documentation merely “to maintain a gender change” if they want to hang on to the rest of their coverage.

…let me point out a very broad problem, and that is the idea that agents of the state can change one’s legal status retroactively at any time…now ETF will centralize control over implementing transitions, and maintain a database of gender transitioners. In essence, we are being required to register with the state. As a Jewish person who lost extended family in the Holocaust, I find this extremely creepy.

Dr Costello’s blog post on the whole fiasco makes sobering reading.


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