Chile:- Supreme Court Says No To Anti-LGBTQI Discrimination

Alejandra González was the first openly-trans* candidate ever elected to public office in Chile, becoming a councillor in her home district of Lampa. A big step forward.

Sadly, the Mayor, Graciela Ortúzar, didn’t see it that way, and in a blatantly transphobic way insisted on using Alejandra’s former name and male pronouns and questioning her gender identity in council meetings. Continue reading “Chile:- Supreme Court Says No To Anti-LGBTQI Discrimination”

Laverne Cox voices the story of the fight for transgender rights

In a rather stylish video voiced by Laverne Cox, the ACLU and TIME have teamed up to present an animated history of the ongoing fight for transgender rights in the USA.  It’s released at a time when President Trump has announced his ban on transgender people serving in the military and trans rights are facing new threats from state legislatures. Continue reading “Laverne Cox voices the story of the fight for transgender rights”

Male Privilege As Explained By Transmen

Kudos goes to the breezy MTV pro-feminist YouTube channel Braless for commissioning this (which is a good watch), though cynics might argue that the target audience this really needs to reach won’t be watching this and other Laci Green hosted videos anytime soon. MTV Braless was rightly lauded at the 2015 Webby Awards, but unless something amazing happens and this goes viral, cat videos probably still rule.